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Welcome to Interdimensional Life.  We are dedicated to sharing pictures of a multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional nature which reveal realms and dimensions not normally seen. Energies revealed in the pictures include creation codes, light codes, The Void, orbs, and elementals. The pictures are all unedited except for the removal of the occasional fence post or wire.  Dark pictures may be adjusted for brightness.  Nothing else is ever changed.  This site is a work in progress and being updated and refined to best reflect what we are about.

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Ascension Ray with the Etheric Body of the New Sun

"The Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation is a resplendent emerald green flame with a violet radiance.  It is the most powerful frequency of healing and transmutation on Earth, and it is the instrument through which Humanity's surfacing miscreations will be transmuted into Light at a greatly accelerated pace."
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
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Farewell to the Red Rock Guardians Latest post to Rainbow Walkers Blog  Click here

Free Light Language Meditations
for healing and manifestation.
The 2010  July Full Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation  and Farewell to the Red Rock Guardians videos are now posted to my You Tube channel.  The theme for the Full Moon Meditation is individuality within the connectedness. The Farewell video is a tribute to the Earth Guardians which hold the energy here in Kanab.  Click here

You can hear our previous audio meditations at my Indaba site.  Click here

We have recently added a public picture gallery where you can see a sample of our latest pictures, activities, and videos, as well as add your own pictures and comments if you desire.  Click here

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Solstice Dome of Light over Kanab, Utah
This picture is now available in online sales gallery in the Solstice Album.Click here

You can learn more about how our pictures assist you to connect with the higher dimensional energies by checking out the You Tube video below.

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